Best eCommerce site examples: 50 stores Product Pages reviewed!

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Are you looking for new ideas on how to improve your ecommerce store product page? Well, we got you covered! We went through and analyzed more than 50 products pages from worlds’ leading ecommerce businesses so you don’t have to. User the quick links to navigate to the industry of your choice or scroll through the examples and enjoy.

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Bonne Guelle - Details, Details and More Details

  • Very detailed product imagery and description
  • Co-founder quote beneath product for authenticity feeling
  • Custom icons make selling arguments stand out
eCommerce platform: Prestashop
Primary market: FR
Average 6-month traffic: 238.14
Similar sites:

    This eCommerce site has a level of attention to detail that can really make it stand out from the rest. The hi-res photos, video, co-founder quote and in-depth product descriptions along with the promise of free delivery and returns really make you feel like you're getting an absolute bargain. It's a bold move (or shall we just say a French move) for a brand selling to all of Europe to not have the page available in English. While it may scare off some potential customers, to others it could show authenticity. Also, anyone using Google Chrome shouldn't have any problem pressing the translate button in the address bar.

    TacSale - Military precision

    • Plenty of HQ product pictures
    • Simplicity and good user experience
    • Product photos from different angles
    eCommerce platform: Shopify
    Primary market: Latvia

    Simple and straight to the point - that is what we love about the TacSale product page. It’s difficult to make the dark theme work. More often than not, dark colors are overwhelming and could negatively impact user experience, but no in this case. They maintained a good contrast and spacing between elements. Most importantly, because of the bright orange color, call to action button stands out.

    Comfort Club - How to Sell Underwear

    • helpful visual lists all the technical aspects
    • product photos are very high quality, showing the different colors and angles
    • size chart with specific measurements

    It doesn't really matter if you don't know what “stay-put legs” are, or why a “comfort pouch” is necessary - the helpful visual lists all the technical aspects and makes me feel like I'm purchasing something more specialized than just underwear.

    Athleta - Simple, accurate and user-friendly

    • Plenty of HQ product pictures
    • Simplicity and good user experience
    eCommerce platform: Custom development
    Primary market: USA
    Average 6-month traffic: 2.5M
    Similar sites:


    As soon as you get to the product page, the main accent is devoted to the product pictures and there are a lot of them! It is good because your potential buyers can see the product from different angles, on different body types, in different colors, etc. and believe me - the more pictures you show to your customers, the higher are your chances to sell the product! What I really like is the hover effect on colors which is a very good example of simplicity and good user experience in the website design.

    Fabletics - Information is the key

    • Great usability in the mobile version
    • Review feature - the photo uploader
    • Client-centered content and product pictures
    eCommerce platform: Custom development
    Primary market: USA
    Average 6-month traffic: 3.7M
    Similar sites:

      This store's product page is very pleasant for the eye - with nice color scheme and proportional elements both in mobile and desktop versions. There are 3 things that I like the most and that are not very frequently used in other stores: model height; 3 different prices (including recommended retail price); review feature with video uploader.

      Misguided - organized and structured

      • Very organized and geometric design
      • You can see all of your cart in one viewport
      • Friendly user approach
      eCommerce platform: Magento
      Primary market: USA
      Average 6-month traffic: 1.87M
      Similar sites:

        Notice how centered content alignment changes things - everything looks so organized. In general, this website design is very geometric, because everything is put in blocks and this gives a feeling of well structured and thought-through site. I also like how they are approaching you in cart - content, design, and user-experience wise. And the best part is that you can see all of your carts in one viewport. 

        Hickies - Product in Action

        • Establishes credibility with warranty and customer reviews
        • High-quality product images
        • In-depth video about product usage
        eCommerce platform: Shopify
        Primary market: -
        Average 6-month traffic: -
        Similar sites: 

        The product photos show the packaging, the product itself, how it looks in different shoes and a short gif on how to use the product. There's also a link to a more in-depth video on how to use the product, but it takes you away from the product page instead of opening up in a new tab or a pop-up window.

        Pure Cycles - Visualising Product Feel

        • Instagram-ready vision of what using the product will feel like
        • Great use of creative language
        • Promise of a product lifetime warranty
        eCommerce platform: Shopify
        Primary market: USA
        Average 6-month traffic: 103K
        Similar sites:

        This product page not only presents the brand as highly experienced and knowledgeable but displays an Instagram-ready vision of what using the product will feel like.

        They make great use of creative language, re-branding their bikes as an “urban assault vehicle” instead of the commonly-used term “hybrid bike”.

        The eCommerce store understands that this can be a big purchase, so it also provides a variety of monthly payment options explained in a pop-up window.

        Tentsile - color matters 

        • Trustpilot 5-star rating
        • Unique selling arguments
        • Outdated color scheme
        eCommerce platform: Shopify
        Primary market: -
        Average 6-month traffic: -
        Similar sites:

        The first thing that catches my attention is “Excellent” and 5-star rating next to it - this encourages you to trust the store immediately. I also like selling arguments in the same tab, especially the one saying “20 Trees Planted Per Tree Tent Sold” - how amazing! 

        The overall website design needs some loving touch and I am not talking about a total redesign. If at least color-scheme would be updated, it would already look much fresher, what do you think?

        Madsen - tell more & sell more

        • Well-made visual product specification
        • Visually appealing upsales next to “Add to cart” button
        • Instagram block with great imagery

        This store has made sure that its customer is well-informed about the product's specification and overall information by providing them with short information under the product. Good job!

        Envy fitness apparel - be simple

        • Super simple and minimalistic website design
        • A short yet informative description
        • Great mobile version

        The store managed to make their product page so simple, you don't need to scroll to see more. Amazing concept, good information and the most important - it is enough! They have pretty good features like depicting models' size and height, material and some selling arguments with the help of custom icons.

        Esquido - chique and minimalistic

        • Very thought through and intuitive website design 
        • Ability to buy 2 products for cheaper price
        • Ultra HQ images
        eCommerce platform: Shopify
        Primary market: -
        Average 6-month traffic: -
        Similar sites:

        I love this store - it has good quality pictures, short and informative content, and great minimalistic design! Talking about pictures - notice how great is the quality! It is one of the crucial moments in any e-store - remember that nobody likes to see pixels.

        Bliss - is this an eCommerce heaven?

        • Very appealing and stylish website design
        • Ability to enable accessibility
        eCommerce platform: BigCommerce
        Primary market: USA
        Average 6-month traffic: 430.66K
        Similar sites:

        Woooow! This is my impression when I first entered the site. Everything looks so “tasty”. The whole store is designed as an old-school website but bright colors and custom elements turned it into a modern and very appealing store that no woman wants to leave with an empty shopping bag.

        The first thing I noticed is the ability to enable accessibility and, when enabled, it turns white elements into black ones so that they are easy to notice. Very good feature, Bliss!


        • Too many different buttons
        • Free 2-day shipping offered straight away
        • Amount of reviews and likes makes the site credible
        eCommerce platform: Powerfront
        Primary market: USA
        Average 6-month traffic: 33.82M
        Similar sites:

        Even though we all know what Sephora is - powerful and globally recognized beauty brand, unfortunately, its product page doesn't reflect that. Why? First of all, it is all chaotic - buttons here and buttons there, next, it is hard to notice where the “add to cart” button is, even though it is in bright red. Lastly, it is just too cluttered with random stuff. Nevertheless, things like free delivery and plenty of reviews make this site trustful anyway.

        Madara cosmetics - everything as it should be 

        • Good element positioning
        • Sticky call-to-action button for better user experience
        • Simple design with thought-through style
        eCommerce platform: Magento
        Primary market: LV
        Average 6-month traffic: 112.72K
        Similar sites:

        When I viewed the product page for the first time, the very first thing I saw was the “Add to cart button” and this is how it should be every time you see the product page for the first time.

        Other elements are pretty much the same as in similar shops but I want to highlight sticky add to cart button, which I think is a top element in any shop if you want your customers to scroll down and still buy the product.

        The Body Shop - simple is amazing

        • Very simple and fast shopping
        • Good accent on call-to-action elements
        • Photo sharing feature
        eCommerce platform: Hybrid
        Primary market: UK
        Average 6-month traffic: 3.88M
        Similar sites:

        I like this store and I shop here often just because it is very simple and fast. And even though this product page is simple, doesn't have almost any animations and is black&white, you still see accent buttons and important elements.

        My top feature here is a photo uploader, which you can't find in many stores. The process of uploading is fast and you can see the image right away! 

        Huda Beauty - Photo and video reviews

        • Feminine website design, targeted on middle-income audience
        • User-oriented imagery
        • Pixlee plugin for great image and video reviews
        eCommerce platform: Demandware
        Primary market: USA
        Average 6-month traffic: 475.98K
        Similar sites:

        Huda Beauty is one of the most familiar influencer brands in the beauty niche. The main feature I like here is a photo-review feature that allows you to showcase client photos and videos. It brings trust and credibility to your eCommerce store right away!

        Power on Power off - the perfection exists!

        • Top-notch sales arguments
        • User-centered, intuitive design
        • Subscribe and save 10%
        eCommerce platform: Shopify
        Primary market: -
        Average 6-month traffic: -
        Similar sites:

        This store is using killer arguments about why you should buy their products. I like a lot the representation of ingredients. Not only they have a very short yet clear description of why this ingredient is good, but they also have separate content pages for each of them to give you even more information.

        Uppercase -  what customer wants

        • Amazing preview feature
        • Very minimalistic

        It seems to be just another regular product page but even though it has only an image and text, it feels just right! In addition, it has an amazing preview feature that I haven't spotted for a long time and it is amazing, especially for a customer that is not very familiar with the brand and product itself.

        Pop Chart - 3D hover effects

        • Old-school atmosphere created by fonts and hover-effects
        • Too small font size makes text hard to read
        eCommerce platform: Shopify
        Primary market: USA
        Average 6-month traffic: 92.75K
        Similar sites:

        From the first sight, it doesn't really look like a product page, because you can't find a price and “add to cart” button, but once you look more carefully, you can notice small price and as you scroll down a bit, there is also a button. Shorter text and larger font would fix this issue though.

        I have previously pointed out, but hover effects can do the magic! In this site, there is basic hover, but it is created so that it looks like the element becomes 3D-ish.

        Emma Bridgewater - what to see and what not to see

        • Very good, strategic element allocation
        • Trustpilot rating in cart gives credibility
        eCommerce platform: Shopify
        Primary market: UK
        Average 6-month traffic: 80.98K
        Similar sites:

        This store knows what customer needs to see first - free shipping, price and a button - therefore they have made them all in an accent color. If a customer needs any other information, it is there, just scroll down and you will see it all. I also like cart, because it has a Trustpilot rating and this gives credibility to the store immediately.

        Mifft Supps - choose your typeface smart

        • Extraordinary, unique website design
        • Typeface is too narrow and hard to perceive


        Dark mode, nice! I like the overall composition and feeling when you first enter the page. Nevertheless, when I begun to read, my eyes started hurting because the used typeface is too narrow and hard to perceive.

        Rest - Modern and minimalistic

        • Design built around product picture
        • Amazing, interactive hover effects
        • Only necessary information is shown

        Very modern looking product page with attention to details and good quality pictures. They don't have page cluttered with excess information, tables or other elements.

        One of the coolest things is the hover effect on suggested product images - looks very good and already gives clients an insight into how your items will look like in usage with these products.


        • very simple yet informative structure of page
        • clearly defined 4 steps in the checkout

        Pleasant for eye, very simple yet informative - that's how I would describe this product page. It has good color scheme, readable typeface and important elements like price and “add to cart button” are visible straight away. I also like the availability of live chat support. I think it is a very nice feature for any store that wants to give answers to their customers right away.

        What is nice about their cart is that they have clearly defined 4 steps you have to go through in order to complete order. Sometimes this calms customers down and they are more willing to get till the end because they know exactly how many steps are still left.

        Paul Valentine - prioritize your information

        • Product page looks like Instagram
        • Real-life product pictures
        • Great CTA usage
        eCommerce platform: Shopify
        Primary market: PL
        Average 6-month traffic: 123.98K
        Similar sites: 

        This page looks like Instagram and I am already willing to buy something here. I like a lot when product pictures are from real life and you can imagine how the product would look like on you. Another thing that brings my attention is a call to action button which says “email when available” I guess this is so much better customer approach rather than just writing “sold out” or something like “out of stock”. I also like the sticky right sidebar and sticky menu, I guess it just boosts user experience because you can access anything fast & easy.


        • Unique and creative website design
        • Amazing, comfortable mobile version
        eCommerce platform: BigCommerce
        Primary market: USA
        Average 6-month traffic: 809.75K
        Similar sites:

        My favorite part about this product page is that all the actions and information is located on the left side. It might seem weird and uncomfortable and you should be careful when doing this because customers don't like being pushed out of their comfort zone. Nevertheless, Skullcandy nailed this and made the whole page very easy to use.

        I would like to emphasize how amazing their mobile version is. Everything is easy to read, easy to press, sticky “add to cart” button is on the right side (it is more comfortable for users to tap on the button which is located on the right side) and overall everything looks just amazing.


        • Instant invitation to subscribe - can irritate the user
        • Fast and easy checkout with PayPal and AmazonPay
        • Target group-oriented discount
        eCommerce platform: BigCommerce
        Primary market: -
        Average 6-month traffic: -
        Similar sites:

        I don't like it a lot when the first thing you see on the site (doesn't matter which page you landed on) is an invitation to subscribe. Come on, I have just entered your store, I have no idea what you are selling and you want me to subscribe already? Big mistake. Allow your customers to browse around and only after that offer them to subscribe.

        My cart looks nice, it has express checkout via Paypal and AmazonPay, which is good for user experience because it makes the checkout process faster and easier. Another great thing is Military discount - unfortunately, being hidden in the very corner of the page, it is too hard to notice.

        Made - Size Matters

        • Distracting subscription button
        • Offer to receive a fabric sample
        • Autoplay product video about product functionality
        eCommerce platform: Custom made
        Primary market: UK
        Average 6-month traffic: 4.84M
        Similar sites:

        A sofa is a pricey and important purchase, so a big selling point that shows confidence in their product is that right under the “add to basket” button there is an option to receive a free fabric sample. Unfortunately the one I clicked on was out of stock, but nonetheless, a great feature. If you scroll down a full-screen video automatically starts playing, which gracefully pans across important structural details and shows the functionality in action.

        Woods Household - how to scare a customer

        • Good usage of CTA
        • Scary warnings about Cancer and Reproductive harm
        • Product comparison feature

        As you may have noticed, the product doesn't have a price but a possibility to request a quote, which is shown in the call to action button. I think it is better to have a button rather than writing this information somewhere in the description.

        When you scroll down a bit, right at the bottom of the specification table there is a warning about Cancer and Reproductive harm. Wait, what? 

        Anyway, there is one more nice feature that allows you to compare different products - quite a handy tool if you have many similar products and you just can't distinguish them.

        Circle 21 - Relax my eyes

        • Calming atmosphere
        • Lack of selling arguments or reviews 

        The background color calms me down immediately, this shop has such a good atmosphere! I would like to see more pictures though, because it is hard to understand how large the candle is, what color is the wax, etc.
        If you scroll, there is nothing below, only footer. I would rather see some icons with selling arguments or some customer reviews or anything to persuade me to buy this product.

        The Modern shop - effortless shopping

        • Plenty of product pictures (both from the studio and real-life)
        • Instant checkout with PayPal
        • User-oriented approach for easier shopping
        eCommerce platform: Shopify
        Primary market: -
        Average 6-month traffic: -
        Similar sites:

        There are so many product pictures - from the photoshoot studio, from real life, from interior reviews - amazing! This product is shown from so many aspects that you definitely can imagine how would it look at your place.

        What I found rather interesting is that when you are using Google Chrome, you are offered to pay via Paypal, but when you are using Safari, it offers Apple Pay. I think shop owners wanted to be thoughtful and take care of “little things” that make our lives easier. Good job.


        • Minimalistic website design
        • Great focus on a product image
        • Fantastic imagery

        This eCommerce site has a minimalistic design, therefore, all focus and attention is towards the product pictures. Images are high quality and don't get cropped or stretched on large nor small (mobile) screens.

        Kylie Cosmetics - ultra zoom

        • Ulta zoom feature on product pictures
        • Notification about a product being trendy
        • Comfortable slide-out cart
        eCommerce platform: Shopify
        Primary market: USA
        Average 6-month traffic: 1.31M
        Similar sites:

        This shop doesn't need selling arguments and other stuff to persuade clients to buy products, because it is Kylie Jenners' brand and every girl's dream is to own at least one of Kylie's products.

        The page itself is very simple and doesn't have anything else below but reviews and sign up block. However, I found out that zoomed pictures are zoomed in by approx 60% and they do not look pixelated at all - check this out.

        Are you am I - quick and easy

        • Stock quantity auto-update 
        • Ultra-fast checkout using PayPal
        • Interactive and user-friendly design
        eCommerce platform: Shopify
        Primary market: USA
        Average 6-month traffic: 67.76K
        Similar sites:

        Rumi Neely is an American fashion blogger and owner of this eCommerce shop. I like how simple this product page is and how fast you can switch colors and immediately see which sizes are in stock. 

        What I like the most is how fast you can buy a product here, especially if you have PayPal, which is a very nice feature to have in your store. 1, 2, 3 and I have bought a new swimsuit!

        Chiara Ferragni - Embrace the power of Instagram

        • Successfully chosen typeface and custom icons
        • Unique logotype as branding and design element
        • Embraced Instagram content for impression and atmosphere
        eCommerce platform: Magento
        Primary market: -
        Average 6-month traffic: -
        Similar sites:

        Who doesn't know Chiara Ferragni and her iconic Instagram-booming logotype with a blue eye? Oh my, this site looks so attractive and playful but when you start to look at it, there is nothing much but text, button, and pictures. So what builds up the atmosphere here? Two things - successfully chosen typeface (Gibson) and custom icons.

        I have said it a million times already but photos are very important “message” to your customer and this page embraces Instagram content and it totally owns the impression created.

        J.Hannah - unusual is cool

        • gifs instead of regular pictures 
        • Unique yet simple button animation
        • An unusual form of selling arguments
        eCommerce platform: Shopify
        Primary market: -
        Average 6-month traffic: -
        Similar sites:

        What this site is different from other pages with? They use gifs instead of regular pictures for product images. And I have to admit it gives sort of innovative look even though it is just a gif. Also, look at how button animation works - pretty simple, but not seen much across other pages.

        Uncle Goose

        • Attention to details (even small ones)
        • Slide-out animation for my cart
        • Confusing cart quantity counter

        I know that the footer is not the first thing a customer sees, but look at these geese! I just want to smile and it is only a small illustration at the very bottom of the page that made me feel so cozy! I am more than sure that if these geese would be placed somewhere near “add to cart”, people would be more likely to press the button.

        I tried removing the product from your cart. Usually, there is a cross or button or link or anything that indicates that after pressing that you will remove the product from your cart. Here we don't have anything and what you have to do is enter 0 in the quantity field, press somewhere outside the field and cart will automatically be re-loaded. This could create confusion and increase the number of abandoned carts.

        Lego - Lego once, Lego forever

        • Brand-oriented elements like icons
        • Successful free item and delivery mark-up in cart
        • Secure checkout
        eCommerce platform: Custom development
        Primary market: US
        Average 6-month traffic: 14.02M
        Similar sites: 

        I like how everything constantly reminds you that you are in the Lego store, even customer reviews is not depicted as the traditional star rating but as lego blocks, how cute!

        Cart is pretty default, but I want to emphasize how good they have marked free items and free delivery in green so that it is visible and gives you a feeling as if you would have just won a lottery. Such things make your customers want to come back and get more free stuff with their next purchases.

        The Honest company

        • A good representation of product variations
        • Bundle sales to save money
        • Product video that complements product description
        eCommerce platform: Powerfront
        Primary market: US
        Average 6-month traffic: 630.26K
        Similar sites: 

        The way they show the print of the product (product variations) is a very good approach to let customers see all offered prints at one time. I think it works better than a dropdown. There is a feature that so many customers fall for - bundle purchases - especially if customers are able to choose products on their own. I personally think this page has very good accents on both - buy button and bundle button - both are visible well and have good, contrasting colors.

        Ette-tete - more reviews, please!

        • Showcase your product via customer reviews
        • User-generated Instagram
        • Great hi-res videos

        This store showcases its products using huge hi-res videos which is an amazing way to show your products “in action”. Another way to present your product is via customer reviews - there are 20 reviews visible and others are hidden under the “load more” button. All reviews have pictures with babies using a product - so nice!

        Tattly - how much more should I buy?

        • Free-shipping progress bar in the cart
        • The personal touch by adding a product designer
        • Different imagery style for each product
        eCommerce platform: Shopify
        Primary market: US
        Average 6-month traffic: 57.26K
        Similar sites:

        I love how this site uses very different images for each product just to showcase it at its best! Very interesting thing here that is rare in other stores - designer's name by the product. It somehow gives a personal touch to the product and shop itself.

        Cart is a slide-out but what I like a lot is a progress bar that indicates how much more do I have to spend to get free shipping. Cool feature!

        DavidsTea - how to sell online

        • Amazing, informative product descriptions
        • Depicting product contents instead of product packaging
        • Slide-out my cart
        eCommerce platform: Magento
        Primary market: CA
        Average 6-month traffic: 747.67K
        Similar sites:

        How can you possibly know what kind of tea to buy online if you can't smell and/or taste it? Well, DavidsTea has taken care of this with their product descriptions that help you to choose the right tea for the right occasion. I also like the product picture that shows tea leaves and other ingredients instead of just a package - good idea!

        Simply Gum - make my package pop out!

        • Impact on the product package
        • Subscribe & Save 10% call-to-action
        • Great sales arguments

        What grabs attention is great product packaging that is used as an accent in monotone black&white design. I also like the ability to save money by subscribing, you just enter your email during checkout and you are all good!

        If you scroll just a bit, you will see great sales arguments depicted in an infographic-alike block with custom icons.


        • Fun and creative product imagery
        • A unique way to present product variations
        • Great product description
        eCommerce platform: Custom development
        Primary market: US
        Average 6-month traffic: 126.61K
        Similar sites:


        I always like bright and creative imagery in combination with interesting product descriptions. Here we can see both - great images and unique product descriptions. In addition to that, they have managed to show how every single ice cream will look like and images are so “yummy” you just can't do anything but press “add to cart”.

        Laithwaites - Good reviews or honest reviews?

        • Product description as educational material
        • Bulk upsales feature
        • Honest reviews
        eCommerce platform: Custom
        Primary market: UK
        Average 6-month traffic: 154.38K
        Similar sites:

        If you are a wine lover, why not buy in bulk and get it cheaper? This is what this store offers and it is a great upsales feature.

        I also think that a rather low rating of the product gives credibility to the site because at least reviews are honest and not fabricated.

        The product description is written as educational material and helps to understand product value and origins.

        Death Wish Coffee - coffee for the rest of your life

        • Packaging as an attention grabber
        • Amazing product positioning & branding
        • Subscribe for coffee and save!
        eCommerce platform: Shopify
        Primary market: USA
        Average 6-month traffic: 446.06K
        Similar sites:

        Packaging design is definitely a killer here and it grabs attention immediately, but when you scroll down, you will see how great product positioning and branding is! Large images next to very well explained texts are making me want to buy this coffee for the rest of my life! And by the way - this feature is available. You can subscribe to this coffee and even save money!

        Chewy - get your deliveries on a regular basis

        • Interactive Q&A
        • Great explanatory video appealing trusting
        • Free gift offer if you subscribe for the product
        eCommerce platform: Custom
        Primary market: USA
        Average 6-month traffic: 29.14M
        Similar sites:

        It seems to have become a trend that instead of regular buying, you subscribe for product and it gets auto-shipped to you every month or so. This store also offers subscription-based purchase, furthermore, they will give you a discount if you will choose to subscribe!

        ZooPlus - subscribe to what you want to read!

        • Amazing individualized newsletter subscription 
        • New client discount
        • Hotjar feedback tool
        eCommerce platform: Custom
        Primary market: UK
        Average 6-month traffic: 850.20K
        Similar sites:


        Even though the design has not been refreshed for a while, this store has great features like e.g. new client discount. But what I love the most in this product page, is located at the very bottom of the page - an invitation to subscribe. Not only it gives you points that later on, you can exchange for goods, it also gives you a choice of subscription topic - dogs, cats, fish, birds or small pets so that your mailbox doesn't get cluttered with unwanted stuff.

        Viovet - inform customers in a smart way

        • Interactive subscribe popup
        • Signup for a regular delivery and get discount
        • Promotion deadline and dispatch estimation
        eCommerce platform: Custom
        Primary market: UK
        Average 6-month traffic: 489.28K
        Similar sites: 


        Similar as in the previous store, also here subscription is categorized. I think this is a very good way to show your customers that you care about the content that you are sending them.

        Miscota - app-like feeling in the web?

        • Engaging, app-like design
        • Easy upsales feature
        • Products used as a sales argument


        I love the app-like design this store has - it is engaging, bright and looks fresh, unfortunately, the mobile version is not adjusted for mobile screens. What is interesting here is that product images are used as sales arguments and informative material.

        Pets expert - custom is good

        • Write a review and get a discount 
        • Custom icons and illustrations
        • Animated search button

        I like how they have implemented cat illustration in some parts of the page, it adds cuteness to the page, the same can be said about custom icons that they are using in the menu. 

        Also, since page consists of quite a lot of elements, they have done a good job in animating search bar that catches your attention immediately.